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10 freest countries on planet earth 

While the United States of America may call itself the “Land of the Free,” they may have to wait in line as it is hardly the freest country in the world. In ranks of the personal freedom and their country as the safest places to live, here’s a list of the most prospered countries on planet earth. 

10. Czech Republic

The tiny landlocked country in Europe shares their border with the countries of Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Poland. With tourism as the leading role of the state, Prague is one of the most visited cities in all of Europe. With low crime rates and quality emergency services, you won’t have to be worried about getting robbed. 

9. Australia

As the land of opportunities, natural wonders, and great weather, Australia is low crime statistics as you can explore the country without any fear of getting robbed, sexually assaulted and homicide. Australia is full of various cultures that make up the population. It is the perfect country for students, job seekers and tourists to explore. The economically stable country provides many employment opportunities as the massive migration proves just that. 

8. Japan

Japan is well known for its advancement in technology. But they are also known for their peaceful society. The crime rate is very low and has a defense force for internal security with there is no professional military. Japan is also the third largest economy that provides the transportation systems in the entire world. 

7. Canada

According to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada has a life satisfaction score of nearly 7.6 out of ten. The country has a low crime rate and is one of the few countries with the best quality of educatin in the entire world. Approximately 53% of the population has had formal education. As the voter turnout percentage is 61% in Canada, this means that Canadian citizens show trust in their government. 

6. Finland

As the least corrupt country in the entire world, the country ranks in top level for gender equality and education. In fact, the military force only takes part of the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations. 

5. Switzerland

Known for high-quality food, Switzerland is one of the happiest countries to live in. With top-not schools and health care, the system is shown to improve the people’s talent. It is also one of the top greenest countries with renewable energy sources and eco-friendly appliances. 

4. New Zealand

With advanced social profession and small incarcerations, New Zealand is a vigorous and independent country that offers world class education and exceptional quality health care. 

3. Austria

Austria is known as one of the best places to live due to its low crime rate as well as one of the richest countries in the world. 

2. Denmark

Known as the least corrupted country in the world, Denmark is also one of the happiest places to live. Denmark provides high standards of living, quality health care, and secure gender equality. 

1. Iceland

With a 99% literacy rate, Iceland provides free tuition for education, high health care and even a strong female presence in politics. The country is also free of mosquitos as they cannot thrive in Icelandic conditions. 

Do you live in one of these countries? Comment below and let us know! 

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