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The 6 Best Countries to Buy and Consume CBD Oil

One of the most common questions people asks when they first about Cannabidiol oil is if it is CBD legal in their country. If you want to try CBD oil but not sure of the legality in your countries of origin, perhaps you should try it in other nations where CBD Oil is legal.

According to CBD Oil legal news, the laws vary per country as you should always check with your local government. Cannabidiol Oil constitutional laws differ from medical marijuana and industrially grown hemp and provide different laws from state to state in the United States.

It is important to know where the product was produced, what kind of plant it came from, and the amount of THC it contains. What makes cannabis illegal is the THC illegal is the THC, not CBD.

You can live in a country with marijuana is legal and purchase CBD products with little restrictions on the amounts of THC. If you reside in an area where cannabis is illegal, you may be able to get whatever you need to get a medical marijuana prescription. Some countries allow CBD if the percentage of THC contains less than 02.–0.3%. Otherwise, it is considered non-psychoactive and can be regarded as a controlled substance.

With that said, there are the six best countries to buy and consume CBD Oil.

United States

While the only 16 states have legalized the use of CBD oil, you can get your fill and enjoy the trip. While the legal status is not entirely clear, according to the Controlled Substances Act, there is no specific list Cannabidiol in any schedules. However, public statements have presented by the Drug Enforcement Administration has viewed CBD as Schedule l.

Among the approved legislation that allows low-THC, CBD-rich cannabis oil, there are some products available for legal purchase and shipping for all 50 states. Due to the recent reports of children who suffered from seizers, they took benefits from oil extracted that provided little to no THC.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had recently approved the request for a pharmaceutical version in CBD in children who suffer from forms of epilepsy. The drug consists of 98% of CBD where you can trace quantities of other cannabinoids and zero amounts of THC.


Although Cannabis is technically legal to possess, marijuana is used as a part of Hindu rituals as well as a lassi drink, sold in shops as bhang, and even grows wild along the forest areas. The plant is believed to have been originally found northwest of the Himalayas, which have many it, a part of many religious areas around the area.


Technically, marijuana is illegal. But cannabis products including CBD oil is tolerated in most places. The increase in the legalizing movement has actively grown. It is also said that you can buy CBD oil and hash in most of the beaches, clubs, and bars in the city but must be discreet about where you intend to smoke.

The Netherlands

Based on the country’s drug policy, weed is considered de facto decriminalized. Amsterdam, one of their famous towns is known for its variety of cafes that sell pot, which makes access to cannabis no problem. The country is known for its rich plant soil and is known for having the largest flower garden in the world.


In Germany, there are multiple options to using cannabis for medicinal treatment. Since it’s availability in the market, CBD oil is provided for proprietary medicines that contain marijuana as prescribed medication. Patients with multiple sclerosis can be absorbed. One can also apply for a proper permit and purchase cannabis flowers produced by Bedrocan, a Dutch firm that is available in the pharmacy.

United Kingdom

Industrial hemp with less than 0.2% THV is grown under observation and licenses in many places around the UK. The products that are derived from it contain a high concentration of THC. Some countries part of the UK often prepare homegrown herb which makes this a great place to visit if you like to buy locally. However, possessions of small amounts are considered a misdemeanor and you will often be charged a fine. Some say the penalty amount is worth it for the quality you receive.

This includes Great Britain, England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Have you tried using CBD oil? Where did you purchase it? How does the effect work on you? Comment below and let us know!

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