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The 7 Most Amazing Greek Islands You Should Absolutely Visit

With over 5,000 islands that make up Greece, the Greek islands have been the most popular sea destination in Europe.

Here the seven most amazing Greek islands you should absolutely visit.

1. Santorini


For starters, Santorini is the classic choice for tourists as the island provides a bit of romance and hint of nightlife. The volcanic origin formed the black sand beaches that beautiful contrast with the deep blue sea. Overlooking the cliffs sits the gorgeous white houses of Fira – a village that lies on the west side of the island where you can enjoy sunsets that will take your breath away.

If you plan to visit Santorini, look for the Red Beach – named after the lava color sand, Kamari, Perissa, and the White beach.

To get there, you must fly directly to Thira National Airport or land in Athens International Airport and take a ferry to Santorini.

2. Mykonos


If you’re always looking to party, Mykonos is the best island for the party scene. This island produces a laid-back vibe that takes over anyone who comes for a visit. Thankfully the mass tourism hasn’t affected the natural beauty of the island, yet. The narrow streets are filled with picturesque houses and Cycladic architecture overlooking the crystal-blue sea.

If you plan to visit Mykonos, check out Panormos, Kalafatis, Elia, and Paradise beach.

To get there, you must land in Mykonos airport or fly to Athens and take a ferry to Mykonos.

3. Icaria


Located just 20km from Samos, Icaria was named about the Greek mythological god “Icarus.” Legend has it that he fell into the sea when he tried to escape from Crete. The beauty of the island is due to its wilderness and mountains with breathtaking views. There you will be able to enjoy the thermal waters and unique architecture of ancient Greece.

If you plan to visit Icaria, check out Prioni, Lero, Giorgi, Agios, and Therma – the thermal hot mineral springs.

To get there, you must fly to Athens and take the ferry of Aegeon Pelagos heading to Samos.

4. Corfu


Corfu is known for its artistic heritage as it is the most famous Greek island on the Ionian Sea. Corfu is famous for its beautiful Byzantine churches, picturesque villages, breathtaking Venetian fortresses and enjoyable nightlife. Corfu carries steep mountains and dramatic coastlines. You can wander the cobbled streets and explore the important towns and discover the Greek history.

If you plan to visit Corfu, check out Kavos, Kerassia, Avlaki, and Nissaki, Ypsos and the Channel of Love.

To get there, you must take a direct flight from Athens to Corfu, take a ferry from the central lands or even drive to Corfu from Athens.

5. Paxi


As one of the largest Ionian Islands, Paxi is located close to Corfu. While the island isn’t as popular as the other islands, it is considered as the perfect Oasis for honeymoon couples and any travel looking for privacy. The main port of Gaios offers stunning beaches and restaurants that serve freshly caught fish. The best time to enjoy the island and experience the magic is during the evening when tourists who have spent the day from Corfu have left. Just be sure to enjoy the popular anise-flavored aperitif drink, Ouzo.

If you plan to visit Paxil, visit Sterna Bay, Kipiadim Giannam, Kloni Gouli, and Soulanena. As the island isn’t limited to these spots, we encourage you to roam around the island and discover the natural beauty for yourself.

To get there, you can only reach the island by boat. Take a speed boat or ferry from Corfu or the Greek mainland of Igoumenitsa.

6. Milos


The famous statue of “Venue de Milo” was discovered in Milos. With such beauty, the small island is indeed a Greek paradise. Located in the southwest of the Cyclades, the island has a total of 70 beaches as many are hidden and so stunning; they will surely take your break away. What makes this a great island to visit is that it is nearly deserted during the summer season.

If you plan to visit Milos, check out the Papikinou, Pollonia, Papafragas, and Sarakiniko beaches.

To get there, you must fly to Milos from Athens. While there is a ferry available, keep in mind that it takes nine hours to get there from Athens.

7. Skyros


As the home to Mount Olympus, you will find the island of Skyros in the western part of the Aegean Sea. While it may be the largest island, you will notice how peaceful it may be. Keep in mind that there is no light-life on the island, but you can explore and rent a scooter and discover the treasures of Skyros.

If you plan to visit Skyros, visit the Atitsa, Palamari, Gyrismata, and Ahrounes beaches.

To get there, you must take a direct flight to Skyros National Airport from Athens. It is not recommended to take a ferry as the travel is too long.

What’s your favorite Greek Island? Comment below and let us know what you think or any other islands you can recommend!

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