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7 Ways to Save Money on Travel

When it comes to traveling, people always think that it is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. You can travel with a budget and spend even less than $5 a day in some countries. So how can you save money and still travel the world?

Here are seven ways to save money on travel.

1. Fly on a Discount

Consider budget airlines to gain more access to destinations that were once impossible. Gone are the days where flights would cost more than the trip itself. Keep in mind that budget airlines do have downsides. You may not have them most

2. Book Early

Plan ahead and reserve your hotels and flights months in advance. This could help save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you can also save money on last minutes bookings as companies post great deals to fill empty seats or rooms. Though this is not always a sure bet.

The best tip is to book hotels early (preferably with free cancellation) and search for cheaper discounts before you travel. Subscribe to travel guides to help you increase your chances of better discounts.

3. Travel Off-Season

Traveling during the holidays is great. But in reality, you’ll end up paying full cost during the holiday season and face the large crowds. Typically, it’s best to avoid traveling during the high-peak season. If you decide to travel during the off-season, you will find that most expenses such as hotels, plane tickets, and activities will be cheaper. Find great deals and even lower prices on hotel alternatives.

4. Pack Light

Be sure to pack smart and light when traveling by plane. Avoid the risk of loss and extra baggage fees by sticking to a carry-on. Why not wear your jacket or heaviest clothing on board to prevent overweight luggage. This can be super expensive and even cause you stress when you’re asked to get rid of stuff to comply with the baggage allowance policy. If you’re on a solo trip, a backpack or hand-carry will do just fine for travel.

5. Stay Nearby

If you’re planning on visiting a big city, plan smart and reserve accommodations on the outskirts of the city. Rates are generally higher near tourist attractions and hot spots. You’re better off booking in the suburbs and spend a few extra minutes traveling than a few extra hundred dollars for a night. On the plus side, you’ll get to “live like the locals do.”

Another idea is to rent an Airbnb or housing alternative. Rent a condo if you plan on staying for more than a few days. Not only will you deduct the service charges from hotels, but you will also have your own kitchen and private living space.

Keep in mind that some hotels may be closed during low-season. The best way to plan ahead is to contact them directly. If they aren’t open, chances are they’ll recommend places that are.

6. Eat Like Locals

Why should you pay more for the same local cuisine? Grab every opportunity to try foreign cuisines and eat what the country is known. Basically, eat locally. It is usually cheaper and tastes better than international cuisines.

Visit local markets and create your own meals or snacks during the average hours. Have a light breakfast and dinner and head out for lunch or vice versa. Planning your meals will save a significant chunk of your travel budget. Not only will you get to taste the culture, but you can also save your money too!

7. Use Public Transportation

Instead of taking a cab everywhere, why not commute through bus or subway? Not only is this a cheaper way to get around, but you will also be more likely to see the city better through the scenic route rather than straight to your hotel. Walk when you can. It’ll be easier to tour the city by foot rather than a car.

A great vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Learning how to get around and eat locally can help eliminate the extra expenses and even help you save on your budget.

What other ways have helped you save money on travel? Comment below and let us know!

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