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Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2016

Give your hard-earned savings a run for its money and travel the world in these budget destinations. We’ve listed down the best wallet-friendly places to go.

Here are the best budget travel destinations for 2016.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Undeveloped and unspoiled, Vietnam is ranked the highest in money-saving travels as many travelers are flocking the city for the best budget option in Asia. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the most budget-friendly destinations as travelers can send as little as $20 a day for food, lodging, and sightseeing. These prices will allow you to experience Vietnam as a local, which makes the trip all the more fun and enjoyable.

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Many people dream of traveling through Europe but are often held back due to the prices and currency fluctuations. Thankfully, there are still some countries where you can find a great deal. Hercegovina and Bosnia are among those as the cost of meals, accommodation and transportation are quite affordable. These are great European destinations when you’re looking to travel through historic cities.

Quebec City, Canada

Want to sightsee in Europe but restricted to the lack of funds? While Quebec City isn’t exactly in Europe, there is enough scenery to remind you of the Old Continent. Travel the UNESCO–acknowledged old and dine in traditional bistros as you get lost through time in the cobblestone streets.

Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Experience the Caribbean coast that’s still a sanctuary to most locals. We’re nearly certain that Costa Rica will become the next big tourist spot over the next few years, so enjoy the peaceful beaches while you can. Check out the reefs in Manzanillo, nesting turtles at Tortuguero and enjoy the surfs. Think you can find that elsewhere? Check out the Sloth Sanctuary.


Backpackers all over the world are heading to Cambodia for their less than $2 accommodations and cheap eats all over the country. As backpackers are enjoying the travel scene, holidaymakers can enjoy the five-star luxury without paying a hefty price tag. Check out the iconic ancient site of Angkor Wat temple as the UNESCO world heritage site costs as little as $15 for the entire day and less than $30 for three days. That’s definitely worth the price as there are simply too many temples to visit in just one day.


Get a real bargain in one of the world’s most visited Central American countries. With white sandy beaches and super cheap food, you can spend as little as $20 a day. Experience the pristine beaches for less than a fraction of the cost of the Caribbean. Visit the countries port that’s famous for its banana trade.

Sri Lanka

With landscape waterfalls, tea plantations, and beautiful sands, Sri Lanka is the perfect paradise. You can live like royalty on nearly $25 a day. Book a room at the five-star Cinnamon Lodge swish suites where you can indulge in the fantastic views of the Habarana Lake – even with your own private Jacuzzi. Rooms start at nearly $40 a night.


With the recent economic struggles in Greece, the cost of vacationing in Greece is much lower than what it once was. While staying on famous Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini can be pricey, there are quieter options like Skiathos or Paros and live like a local – and pay local prices. If you’re into all-night raves or backpacking, Los is the island you want to visit.

You can also island hop as ferries run between the islands. Just be sure to check for updated schedules and prices.


Due to the decrease in travel tickets, traveling in Dublin may cost less than what you expected. You can check out the hostels in the Irish capital and stay for less than $10. Take a walk in in the Pheonix Park and enjoy the deer herd. It is the largest recreational space that offers plenty of room to explore.

At the least expected candidate, Australia is very cheap to explore

East Africa

With the recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, this had caused a toll in the entire continent. As a result, travel is much cheaper with plenty of deals in the unaffected parts of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. You’ll find everything from unique wildlife to white sandy beaches and the famous Masai Mara.

What other countries have you discovered on a budget?

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