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How Will Blockchain Improve Travel Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty programs have widely increased across economic sectors such as financial services, retail, and travel. According to the 2015 Colloquy Loyalty Census, the average household of U.S. takes part in averagely 29 different locality programs. The outcome is a network of redemption options and point systems, with cumbersome procedures for exchanging points among partners. The programs are actually suitable for some sort of disruptive invention that would make them simpler to utilize. Blockchain: How It Works Blockchain is actually the best known tech behind bitcoin. Essentially, it makes it easier…

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post-b2 Blog Freest Countries 

10 freest countries on planet earth 

While the United States of America may call itself the “Land of the Free,” they may have to wait in line as it is hardly the freest country in the world. In ranks of the personal freedom and their country as the safest places to live, here’s a list of the most prospered countries on planet earth.  10. Czech Republic The tiny landlocked country in Europe shares their border with the countries of Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Poland. With tourism as the leading role of the state, Prague is one of…

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post-b1 Blog CBD Oil Countries 

The 6 Best Countries to Buy and Consume CBD Oil

One of the most common questions people asks when they first about Cannabidiol oil is if it is CBD legal in their country. If you want to try CBD oil but not sure of the legality in your countries of origin, perhaps you should try it in other nations where CBD Oil is legal. According to CBD Oil legal news, the laws vary per country as you should always check with your local government. Cannabidiol Oil constitutional laws differ from medical marijuana and industrially grown hemp and provide different laws…

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post-a2 Blog Las Vegas Nightlife Attractions Travel 

9 Nightlife Attractions in Las Vegas You Can’t Miss

Looking for the best places to party in Las Vegas? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best Las Vegas nightclubs and where to find them. Check out our list of the best nine nightlife attractions in Las Vegas You Can’t Miss. 1. XS Nightclub – Wynn Encore XS is one of most expensive nightclubs build in Las Vegas, and we can definitely see why. Everywhere you look, you can find plenty of gold – from the dance floor to the outdoor pool. Some of the best…

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post-a1 Blog Greek Islands Travel 

The 7 Most Amazing Greek Islands You Should Absolutely Visit

With over 5,000 islands that make up Greece, the Greek islands have been the most popular sea destination in Europe. Here the seven most amazing Greek islands you should absolutely visit. 1. Santorini For starters, Santorini is the classic choice for tourists as the island provides a bit of romance and hint of nightlife. The volcanic origin formed the black sand beaches that beautiful contrast with the deep blue sea. Overlooking the cliffs sits the gorgeous white houses of Fira – a village that lies on the west side of…

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