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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Looking to get your feet wet and enjoy the sunset of the world’s best beaches? Check out the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

10. The Maldives


Enjoy the white sands, and glow-in-the-dark beach as nearly 1,102 islands make up the Maldives. Enjoy the warm sun as the temperatures remain steady at 85-90 degrees. The best place to visit is during the high season of December – April as offseason is the rainy season.

Divers can enjoy the reefs or splurge on five-star accommodations located on private beaches. Sip on fresh coconuts as you bask in the island sun for a radiant glow.

9. Great Barrier Reef Islands


Experience the Great Barrier Reef with nearly ten dive sites that are located within minutes of the islands. With approximately ten islands to choose from, each one has their own unique qualities that differ from a personalized experience. Cape Tribulation is located in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest were World Heritages meet. The Great Keppel Island alone is home to seventeen heavenly white beaches that offer snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

8. Kauai


Discover the island of Kauai, which has captured the attention of explorers for centuries. As the oldest islands of Hawaii, Kauai is home to lush jungles, waterfalls, local strips and endless beaches. Enjoy locally grown food and swim in a natural pool that sits under a 1,000-foot waterfall, located deep within the forest.

7. Palawan


As home to one of the world’s eight world wonders, Palawan is known for white sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages and places to explore. Known as one of the top islands in the world, trek through the Underground River in Puerto Princessa where you’ll find mineral caves and ancient fossils. With plenty of private islands resorts you can experience luxury under $300.

6. St. Bart’s


With other fourteen beaches on St. Bart’s, this charming island is one of the top beach destinations in the Caribbean. The clean sandy beaches and turquoise waters circle the island with shallow reefs that help protect the beaches. St. Bart’s is one of four French territories overseas that caters to wealthy travelers in an elegant yet casual environment.

5. Turks and Caicos


Surrounded by the world’s third largest coral reef, Turks and Caicos Islands offer some of the best beaches in the world. The waters are diamond clear as the waves calmly ripple. The beaches of Salt Cay have the best snorkeling beaches in the entire Caribbean. Private islands offer luxury accommodation with secluded beaches, often filled with celebrity A-listers.

4. Bermuda


How can one choose from 34 gorgeous beaches in Bermuda? Not the mention, the famous pink sand that comes from tiny red organisms that grow under the coral reefs. Check out Warwick long bay and Horseshow Bay beach for the best pink sandy beaches. Bermuda has beaches with shallow waters and offshore reef lines that help keep water calm.

Looking to escape the crowd? The Bermuda has nearly 12 isolated beaches as some require a hike or only accessible by boat.

3. Bora Bora


Imagine waking up to turquoise water as far as the eyes can see. The beaches of Bora Bora are surrounded by white sandy beaches and palm trees. Everywhere you look, the water is filled with powdery white sand and electric blue water. The Tahiti weather is pleasurable all year round as retirees have even been said to have moved there.

2. Maya Bay


The plush tropical beach was seen in many movies, most recently was the cult film The Beach. Located in Thailand, Maya Bay offers powdery white beaches and clear waters. What’s more is that you can experience the gorgeous scenery without having to spend a fortune on a luxury resort.

1. Seychelles


Over 100 islands make up the Seychelles archipelago, as only a few are inhabited. Located in the Indian Ocean in East Africa, the Seychelles is home to numerous coral reefs, beaches, reserves, as well as the giant Aldabra tortoises. As nature takes up a majority in the Seychelles, most islands are natural reserves.

Go ahead and plan your next beach getaway at one of these most beautiful beaches in the world!

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